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It is the island that nurtured the god of gods, Zeus, and the first land of Europe, as Kazantzakis used to call it.

NOMAS 16 is dedicated to Crete, but not in its entirety, for the island’s stories are as endless and captivating as Dedalus’ labyrinth. It focuses on its western parts -Chania, Lefka Ori, Sfakia, Balos, and Rethymno. Where the locals shoot road signs for practice and have a fifteen-syllable poem, a mantinada, at the edge of their lips. Where family vendettas used to span generations, and love stories like that of Erotokritos and Aretousa seem untouched by time. The salty Mediterranean flavours and the sound of crushing waves echo in deep caves, Psarantonis creates music history and Kazantzakis remains a legend. This issue follows Ariadne’s thread, like Theseus, and uncovers the unique beauty of Crete, one ‘room’ (or one page) at a time.

Through the lens of Yannis Bournias, Filep Motwary, Stavros Kastrinakis and Manolis Mathiouthakis and with the mastery of Mirko Borsche’s design we showcase this eventful adventure at the southern-most part of Europe.